Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mr Coffee has Returned!!!!... thanks to ManBoy who is now my FAVORITE child... for today anyway!

To find out what happened to Mr Coffee in the first place CLICK HERE

I am sitting here watching 'Miss Marple' of the Masterpiece Mystery venue on DVR while I catch up on several days of mail- email , not the real mail filled with junk and bills, that is.

I had settled in to watch a movie with ManBoy and GirlChild, only to be left abruptly on my own.

AFTER ManBoy put the very scary movie in the DVD player he suddenly remembered an online gaming date... with Lucas... my son from another mother.

Then GirlChild decides she needs to take a shower for her job interview... the one 5 hours from now!

Leaving me to watch the UberScary movie... knowing that the only reason I agreed to watch it in the first place is:

1) they were going to be here
2) it's the middle of the day time-- meaning it is light outside
3) I am in my own home and can leave the room if it becomes too scary for me...or creepy... or too much like one of my CreepyScary nightmares.

And they just leave me- alone, in an empty part of the house, as the clouds roll across what little sun was there to begin with...

Thus, Miss Marple and I are spending the afternoon together.

I am excited to have gotten another Blogger Award... Wowsers!

There are rules to it ofcourse...
I have to pass it on to bloggers I find exceptional and I have to tell some secrets about myself?

Not sure I have many secrets that I want to become un-secrets, if you know what I mean? But there are some little tid-bits of boring info that I can put out there I am sure.

First- the blogs I am passing the Award Torch to...

Craft Gossip-- for the crafty and the not-so-crafty alike!

'Round The Kitchen Table- a place to find some yummy recipes that your family just may like!

Amy's Assorted Adventures- The wonderfully interesting and entertaining words of a LADY and MOTHER running an Orphange and Mission in Africa... So worth every second you can spend there!

So Not Mom-a-licious- It's a little off-color and a little not-quite... something, but makes me smile none the less!

That's What She Said- She says things that I am thinking... make me think I'm not so abbynormal after all!

Write-Brained- She's got a little bit of color for Spring going on ... and a tribute to The Doctor... Suess that it!

Knit-A-While- She's Witty, Knitty and makes me wish I was a better knitter than I am... but I CAN crochet with the best of them!

On to the Not-So-Secret Secrets part of this post...
(one for each blog seems about right to me)

1) I'm afraid of scary movies... slasher ones are the worst.
2) I'm terrified of heights- so much so that I will drive 1200 miles in 18 hours rather than spend 6 hours in an airplane.
3) I'm allergic to artificial melon flavored/scented things... gum, candy, candles- my throat closes over, my skin itches and my eyes water.
4) I am a bit obsessive about the way the food in the pantry and the dishes in the cabinet have to be placed... it's just easier to see what is missing if everything has a place, right?
5) I've never been popular- I know hard to believe- but it's true...
6) I know lots of people- that's what #5 is hard to believe- but have no close friends
7) I worry that I will ruin my kid's lives- not sure how, but it's always the mother's fault-- according to Freud anyway!
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