Friday, March 26, 2010

Life After People...

When the world ends what will you do?

I will find the people who have REAL LIFE skills.

The people who know how to grow crops, and turn them into edible things like bread and oatmeal.

Know how to kill and cure a cow for meat and how to get milk from one.

The People who not only can spin there own thread, but can weave it into fabric and then make clothes from that fabric.

The Ones who know which berries to pick to make dye for the cloth and which ones can be eaten or used to make medicines.

The Ones who can build a barn in a morning and a house in a day.

The Ones who have no need for electricity, computers, modern financial institutions or petrol-guzzling vehicles.

That's right...

I'm going to the Amish!
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