Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lie To Me... Or Not, and I would SO prefer the not!

"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive..."

Who the HECK wrote that? And WHEN were they talking to my kids?

I have the TeenBoy, TeenGirl and TweenBoy... they eat a lot. I mean unreasonably large amounts of food for the actual normal sizes they are.

In an attempt to manage the intake of junk food, and not-so-healthy foods, I started limiting the amounts of these that I purchase and bring into the house.
Makes sense, right?

Apparently not!

Nope, my kids ate, in one weekend cuz grocery day is Friday, 2 boxes of peanut butter bars, 1 box of swiss cake rolls, 2 packages of snickerdoodle dough (the raw break-apart kind) AND 10 pounds of apples and 3 pounds of bananas.

Yep- these kids ate all that, and the regular meals. Like breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2nd breakfast, 2nd dinner and bedtime snack.

I only grocery shop every other week. This, theoretically, keeps the food bill down, and limits the junk coming into the house.

Well, actually it has done exactly that.

The only problem is HeMan Hubby, GirlChild, ManBoy and I are the ones not getting the junk food and snacks!

Maybe this is the Teen and Tween way of watching out for our health?
Or maybe they just are gluttons who are compulsive eaters, and liars...

Because NotMe sure is eating a lot for someone that appears to be invisible...
for that matter IDon'tKnow is too...

But, they are well fed compulsive eater liars...

I'm so... proud?
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