Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Love Pink and Gold.... don't look at me. It's Ludacris's song, not mine!

You know how you listen to a song and THINK you know all the words?

Well, sometimes you think wrong.

Case in point... Ludacris's song How Low.

Now I KNOW it says "How Low Can You Go"... but when the Chipmunks jump in, it does take on a slightly different sound, which GirlChild pointed out to me...

I was sitting at a red light, just minding my own business when How Low comes on the radio.

GirlChild turns to me and says," I know their not saying this but to me it sounds like: I love Pink and Gold, I Love Pink and Gold", she sings.
I turn to stare and she says " I wonder why he's singing about Pink and gold?"

Seriously! Seriously? What?

So I told her the song is called HOW LOW and the chipmunks are singing "How Low Can You Go" and she says....

"Yeah, that makes more sense."

Yeah. That makes more sense.

And GirlChild is one of the 'Smart Ones'...

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