Friday, March 5, 2010

FAB FRIDAY... just telling a few friends who tell a few friends who... you get the picture

I got this idea AND the matching BUTTON (isn't it neat!)
from Crystal @ Wanna Be Balanced Mom

The premise is to write a blog about another blogger who has inspired you in some way.

The very first blog I read that made me want to Do More Be More with MY blog was Jenny@The Bloggess.

She is funny, witty, satirical, cynical, has one heck of a sense of humor!
And she has actually made a bit of a career from her blogging... she's (IN)Famous!

She inspired me to write.
Not just a blog, but a story or two, and maybe even a book.
I know a whole book, right?

It's not like she TOLD me to go forth and write a book.
It's that she makes me laugh and when I laugh I get endorphins to my brain that make me feel good and when I feel good I feel like I can do anything and when I feel like I can do anything... I try!

So, Jenny TheBloggess, makes me laugh and that makes me feel like I CAN... do whatever I want.

Thanks Bloggess... and I didn't even talk about how much I enjoy your OTHER blog!
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