Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Can I have some IceCream.... PLEASE!? or WHY DID I GIVE UP ICE CREAM FOR LENT?????


Almost a week has gone by with nary a post from me.

I. Am. Ashamed.

Or, rather, I would be if I did not have an absolutely, very good, terribly real reason for doing so. Or not doing so as the case would be.

I have been laid up, or perhaps I should say, laid out, for nearly a week with a slipped thingy, protruding whatsits in my back that has made living nearly unbearable.

I have no idea what I did to my back. I stepped out of the shower and was getting dressed last Thursday, when OOPS!, a sharp pain shot down my right leg, said leg buckled from under me, and I crashed to the floor face forward.

I managed to get my clothes on and hobble down the stairs and onto the couch, where I stayed pretty much until Monday morning.

Hot showers, long baths in my jacuzzi tub and many yoga stretches later I found I could walk upright like a humanoid, and was just as thrilled as if I were the first to ever do so!

I managed to partake of my Monday morning MallWalk, wearing my Z-Coils and an abdominal binder for extra support, without excruciating or debilitating pain. Of course once in the van, driving and the subsequent langorious , and oh so very necessary bath, were not as innocuous. But I survived to walk another day.

That day being today.

Once again armed, or shod, with my Z-Coils, I trekked the Mall with our little troop of trying-to-be- healthiers, kept pace and enjoyed conversing with other adults immensely.

Home again, feeling more like myself than I have in many moons, I was met by a house full of TeenGirl and her teen-girl friends, eating the cupcakes they made late last night and playing video games on the XBox in the living room.

TweenBoys shoes, 2 pair, were found in the dining room, under a chair, along with one of his plaid button-up shirts and a bevy of dirty socks.

Piles of WonderMutt's rapidly shedding fur, tracked in sand and mud, and several rather large rocks from the yard were also awaiting my return to health it seems.

The girls made a bee-line for the door, hopefully to make a mess in someone else's kitchen, while I surveyed the mess that TweenBoy WILL be cleaning up, as soon as he gets home from where ever it is he has hidden, and I made a quick 'hair-removal' run with the vacuum through the front hall, living and dining rooms.

Yes, I have been laid up, or down, but I am most definitely not out...

Although I am quite sure the kids will wish I was when they get home!

And Man-O-Man I sure would love a visit from my Old Friends, Ben & Jerry, right about now!

Come on Chubby Hubby!
(not to be confused with HeMan Hubby, although, oops, nevermind;)
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