Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There's always THAT GUY... and one can only hope he isn't theirs

People say and do the strangest things.

There is a BLIZZARD out and people are trying to drive.
Like there is anywhere to go?

It's only a few feet of snow.
What? ONLY a few feet? 4 feet and counting... in a place where 3 inches of snow is considered significant accumulation?

Cold as S*&T... Okay? That stuff is NOT cold.
I saw the steam rising after the dog FINALLY gained access to the spot cleared for him in the 4 feet of snow in the yard... of course that was BEFORE this latest 1 foot and counting addition.

I wish he had opposable thumbs so he could make his own bathroom spot.

Shoveling the snow (again I reiterate there is 4 plus feet of it) while wearing shorts?!!!

Yes, you work up a sweat, but really? Shorts? and a Visor?

That's NOT a hat!
A hat covers THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD to hold the body heat IN so you don't suffer Hypothermia...

THAT GUY is the one digging out, wearing shorts and a visor, so he can drive his 4wd vehicle through the 4 plus feet of snow and 50 mph winds, complaining all the while that 'It's Cold As S*&T Outside".

Well, DUH!

And most likely I know THAT GUY and most likely (except for the shorts) it's my brother...

I hope that side of the gene-pool was closed when they were handing them out to my kids, and his...

or that our children will listen to the voices of sanity-

you know the MOM's

and NOT follow in his footst, er, trench through the waist-high snow, when they grow up.

But, being Male, I some how think that they will.
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