Friday, February 19, 2010

Sunshine Award Recipient.... ME!

I was given an AWARD!

It came to me from ELLE @ A for Effort

I enjoy her posts immensely, and am thrilled that she likes mine!
Heck, I'm thrilled that anyone, even me, likes mine!

According to the rules I have to pass this LOVELY AWARD - I just love flowers don't you?- on to 12 Bloggers that I have come to know and love...

I will do the best I can, well, cuz that's all I can do!

If you have already received this award... I think it needs repeating:)

1- Nancy @ From Hip To Housewife
A really cool MOM in NYC that thinks a lot like me!

2- The Girl with the Flour in her Hair @ Peeling An Orange with a Screwdriver
Her sense of humor is a little skewed... and I like it!

3- Alissa @ Slightly More Than Dirt
A Mom with Kids taking life one catastrophe at a time!

4- Theresa @ Substitute Teacher's Saga
Life from the view point of a Teacher... enlightening and enjoyable!

5- Allycupe @ My Life As I Know It!
She's NOT afraid to share her life with the rest us... Thank Goodness!

6- Allie @ Hyperbole and a Half
Her Pictorial Views of her world and the one we all live in... WOW!

7- Mr.Lady @ Whiskey In My Sippy Cup
I like what she has to say, and I even learn things... she must be good!

8- EM @ Life,Liberty and the Pursuit
She makes me think and laugh and think again!

And That my Dear Readers is about all I can come up with...
not the full 12, but 2/3 of them...
Math DOES have it's uses in THE REAL WORLD...
Guess my teacher was right after all?


This was sent my way from a Full Time Mummy in MALAYSIA...
She's sweet and funny and getting the hang of this Mum-Gig @ I'm a Full Time Mummy
Check her out AND give her some love...
We Moms need a little support now and again...
without it we just might end up in jail!


Sarah Ruth said...

Congrats on the blog award!!

LOL! I used to eat all my parents chocolate too! But that's because I'm a chocoholic! I admit it. I have truffles calling my name right now...

OMG! Did you SEE Evan Lysacek WIN?!?!?! Awesome. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!! My sister and my hubby & I are planning to go to London 2012 for the summer Olympics!

Theresa Milstein said...

Congratulations on your award and thank you for my award. It's a cloudy day, so I could use a little sunshine!

Sarah Ruth said...

Dawn, your daughter is my age!! Well I'll be 25 in April. I was up so early because I couldn't sleep. I have that problem a lot. It sucks.

FranticMommy said...

Congrats on the award! Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day last week. And what a great day it was! I don't do giveaways often (they make me nuts) but if you are a Mom who likes to read to your kids you will love this book giveaway. Hope to see ya soon!