Monday, February 1, 2010

Sometimes I think I sound like the grownups in Charlie Brown cartoons.... the rest of the time I KNOW I do

I just watched What Not To Wear-episode 250- and was so happy to see they gave me a makeover!

Okay. It wasn't actually me, but it was someone of my age, with my body shape and my sense of fashion.

They even gave her a great RED hair color that I would love to have.

Crizti looked HOT! And if she can look that HOT! I know I can too.

HeMan Hubby even commented on how great her hair looked and said- "Hey Hon, you would look good with that hair and your pale skin in the winter".

Yes, he was paying me a compliment... no, he isn't always good at it.

But, he tries.

Time to re-think my current wardrobe of sweats and t's.
You KNOW I'm not getting rid of them, but I think I need to add a few more comfortable items that I can throw on and dash out the door in without, well looking like I just THREW them on.

Or looking like a reject from the 80's.... or a Bag Lady... or both.
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