Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shake Your Groove Thang.... unless you have sciatica then maybe you should just tap your toes.

I love music. All kinds, except that Screamo crap that TeenGirl likes to listen to on her iPod at full volume WITH the earphones IN!

Since when is dancing in the kitchen with the radio on while cooking breakfast an age defining event?

Oh yeah, since TeenGirl and her TeenFriend walked in the back door and TeenFriend said, "My Mom dances the same way. She's old too."

Yep, out of the mouths of babes... I can only hope that one day she has children who say the same thing about her.

As for TeenGirl, did she defend her mother? Oh No! She did not. She agreed with TeenFriend that not only am I old, but I embarrass her by listening to "Her Radio Station"...

My job here is done... mission accomplished!

Whew! I can stop dancing around the kitchen to 'Sexy Back' and go make an appointment with the chiropractor to repair the damage of Justin Timberlake!


TeenGirl= 0
Mom= 1
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