Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One Ringy Dingy, Two Ringy Dingy, Three Ringy Dingy...

Are You a Phone Snob?

Apparently there is an entire generation who judges people based on the phone they use.

Evidently using a flip phone means you are either:
1) poor and have to jump from plan to plan getting the free phone when you sign up or,
2) Technologically backward and inept.

BUT, if you carry a Blackberry or iPhone you are rich, successful, someone people want to know and hang out with.

Then there is ME.

I have an EnV texting phone. I can text, send and receive emails and photos. Oh, yeah, and make phone calls.

Go Figure!

I can afford a new phone, mine is an original EnV, with a full keyboard and really good camera, in a great ORANGE color.

And that is why I still have it. I need a new one. I have been to the phone store several times and checked out the newer EnV versions, the blackberries, the DROID.

I really liked the DROID and was about to get one but...
It doesn't come in Orange!

Actually, NO cell phones currently come in any orange-like hue.

Hey! That makes me a phone snob too!

Guess I'm not as out of the loop as my kids think I am...

or that statement means I really am...

either way I'm not getting a new phone until I can get an Orange one!
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