Monday, February 8, 2010

Looking out the window the scene is like a Currier & Ives postcard... only more wet and cold and REAL!

The SuperBowl is over.
The team I was routing for Won!

It's not MY team, well because, MY TEAM is the Redskins, and frankly, they haven't been winning much lately.

Doesn't make them any less MY TEAM, but it makes Sunday a bit depressing.
It was nice to have the team you are cheering for win for a change, that's for sure.

As for the weather here in the MidAtlantic Tundra Region?
Yep- more snow is predicted to start some time tomorrow afternoon.

GOOD NEWS! We got our driveway cleared with the help of a neighbor, or two, a snowblower, a chainsaw and some really thick rope.

This pic: HeMan Hubby preparing to cut it down. Luckily the fences did not break!

BAD NEWS! We only have one 4-wheel drive vehicle and the roads that we just ventured onto were so bad that ONLY 4-wheel drives could traverse them, and then only VERY carefully.

SCHOOL NEWS UPDATE: No School again tomorrow... no sh*& Sherlock!

And guess what?

There will be no school on Wednesday or Thursday and most likely Friday as well since the roads leading to the schools, let alone the school lots and sidewalks, are still under several feet of snow.

I really don't see them getting that cleared before the next round of
Man VS. Mother Nature commences.

The kids are happy.
Of course they are. They're kids.

I am not.

Of course not, I'm the one cleaning the friggin water-logged clothes off the bathroom floor, after the boys TOLD me they had put them IN the dryer...what? The dryer of On-the-Bathroom-Floor?

I had to vacuum and clean the kitchen, couldn't stand it any longer!
ManChild took over the vacuuming and did the kitchen and the breakfast room. I did the family room, stairs, the upstairs hall, the kids bath, my bathroom and bedroom.

I think the division of labor was a bit off, don't you?

So I enter the next phase of The Winter From Hell with a mostly clean house, enough wood to keep us warm for a day if we lose power again, water and enough candles to keep us from falling down the stairs and breaking something.

Like the hall tree or the leaded glass window on the landing.

We have plenty of milk, bread and toilet paper.
Not sure WHY the news people always remind everyone to get those. Is there an entire sub-culture of people who make a milk, bread and TP paste to live on when they run out of REAL food?

I think peanut butter, jelly and some cheese are MUST HAVES for storms.
TP is also necessary for those of us who sit EVERY TIME we use the Loo.

Unlike the other half of our family who thought I was nuts for buying the 48 roll pack... not so funny now that Nor-easter #2 is on the way.

Wal-Mart is OUT OF TP!
But we've got plenty... and it's for the girls only!
The boys can fend for themselves...

Never Mind, I do the laundry!

The week is off to a great start.

Now all I have to do is keep the water on for coffee and hot cocoa.
Keep food at the ready.
And keep the phone charged so when HeMan Hubby keels over I can call 9-1-1 ASAP... not that they can get down the street, let alone to our house.
But Hey! At least I can say I tried!

I hope all of you have a better week than I... or at least a less wet, cold and wintery one.

And if at all possible?

Send me some warm thoughts, or some sand, or seashells.... a potted plant? Chocolate?
ANYTHING to put me in a Summer State of Mind would be much appreciated!

Man VS Mother Nature...

I'll let you know who wins this round...

Pretty sure it won't be Man but Hey!

I did say I keep rooting for the Redskins, right!
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