Thursday, February 20, 2014

Life is like a box of chocolates.... and my kids ate all mine! (it's a competitive thing)

Mama Kat's weekly post challenge has me revisiting an old post so...

This  is a re-post from 4 years ago...almost to the day! And it still applies...not sure if that makes me seem like a steady, reliable sort or if it's kind of can decide.

Original post  date 2/18/2010


Yes. I love curling!
It's a strange sport. Sort of a cross between shuffle board and bowling? With some Chess or Backgammon-like strategy thrown in.
Oh yeah. It's all done on a sheet of ice. That they clean with a brush?

Sounds weird? It is. A little.
But, it's also addicting. A lot.

So much so, that I set aside things like vacuuming, doing dishes and sorting through the pile of mail that was held at the post office until the mail lady could access our mailbox after the Blizzard thaw.

I found that folding laundry while watching is possible. 
By this I mean running to the basement laundry room to throw a load in during the commercials.
Anything that can be done in 2 minutes or less is do-able.

Don't want to miss a single Stone being thrown down that sheet of ice...

It's ridiculous is what it is. But I can't help myself.

I know I am competitive, but Curling?

Yes, Curling.

It's a quietly, nail-bitingly tense, and often exhilarating, game of strategy.

It's an awful lot like life that way.

Throwing stones, sliding along the ice, trying to guide their path with a broom, hoping to make the better choices for the best possible outcome...

Sounds a lot like MY life anyway!
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