Monday, February 15, 2010

Is Canada not Canada Anymore? Or has it always been called British Columbia and I just never noticed?

The Olympics have begun.

They started off with a Bang and I hope will end with one too--- minus the fallen competitor and the major torch mal-function, that is.

The following conversation took place during the women's speed skating finals.

We could not figure out who the people skating around the track WHILE the actual Olympic skaters were doing their thing were.

Me: Her coach is on the outside wall giving her instructions.

TweenBoy: What's a Poach?

Me: Coach. It's her coach.

No, a poach, what is it?

Me: What's a poach? No. I. Said. Coach.
You know what a coach is!

NO! a poach, he's some church guy in Rome, right?

Me: Oh! You mean POPE? He's like the King of the Catholics.

GirlChild: He's in Vatican City, not Rome... and he is the HEAD of the Catholic CHURCH... NOT the king!

Me: I knew what he was, but I didn't think he (TweenBoy) would understand.

TweenBoy: I understand stuff. I watch TV.

And thus the whole of our children's education summed up with 3 words.

As soon as I get home I'm getting rid of all channels that do not have even a remotely educational value...

Like LMN and Spike and Hallmark and Telemundo, which would be educational IF any of the kids were taking Spanish at the moment, which they are not.

Oh Crap! Now what am I going to watch?
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