Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm a teenager searching for my purpose in life...

This is a quote from the character, Joan, on the SyFy show 'Joan of Arcadia'.
I'm not a teenager any more, but I am still searching...

This show was originally on regular network TV, Friday nights at 8pm.
Before Ghost Whisperer took that slot. Actually, Ghost Whisperer got that spot when Joan was canceled.

I'm not sure canceling GOD was a good move... but Hey! I don't run the network.

I was THRILLED when I found SyFy running marathons of it every few months.

I also discovered the show 'Tru Calling' this way, but I digress...

'Joan of Arcadia' is based on the premise that GOD talks to a teen, much like Joan of Arc, only in a 21st century teen-angst sort of way.
And in the guise of the librarian, the little girl down the street, a Navy officer, a nice old lady at the bus stop, the really cute new kid at school... whomever.

It's set in the make-believe town of Arcadia, Maryland. Which I know is made up because I live in Maryland and there are some quaint towns here, but none called Arcadia.

I almost wish it were a real town cuz I would so move there!

Joan is a typical teen trying to get through high school with her sense of self, and her family, intact. Not an easy feat as her older brother was paralyzed in a car accident and the resulting turmoil has strained the family dynamics to the Nth degree.

And Joan is doing her own thing, or I should say her own thing as God directs her to.
She got a job at God's request and as a result helped a homeless person.
She took AP Chem when he asked her to... she's still not sure why since it is harder than she THINKS she can handle but then... perhaps that's the point?
She built an ARC, although her entire family thinks she's gone crazy, because GOD told her he needed one.

She does not fulfill these requests without question. She asks GOD lots of questions.
Sometimes he gives her the answers and sometimes, she finds the answers herself, because GOD does have a plan.

When she thought a new-found talent was the "wrong one" God told her that sometimes the wrong talent is really the right one... only she could decide which way to use it.

Which leads me to my question...

How do you know which talent you are supposed to cultivate if you have several?

I have a talent for teaching. A desire to help others. An artistic eye. And, I hope, for writing.

How do I make these things into something special that will make me feel like I am fulfilling my purpose?

I wonder if CareerBuilder has any openings for Artistic nurse-teacher-authors listed?

If so, I'm the GIRL for the job.

As long as it's not in Alaska or Upstate New York or ...

My luck it's in Siberia with all that snow and cold and Winter all year.

Yep. That's where the perfect job for me is... where I'm NOT looking.


Oh- and one more quote from the show " the problem with Fear is it doesn't leave room for anything else". God said that. Or the little old lady did.

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