Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If Today is Today, where did Yesterday's Tomorrow go? You don't know either, do you?

I was sitting in the garage, smoking a cigarette, wondering why.

I only smoke a handful of cigarettes a day, and I have to go either outside, which is NOT happening in the frigid weather we're having, or sit in the garage where it's a tad warmer. Well, there's no wind blowing in there. Because we don't smoke in the house.

Well, I don't smoke in the house. HeMan Hubby smokes in his office in the basement although I have repeatedly asked him not to.
There's a lot of things I've asked him not to do, or to do for that matter, that he doesn't listen to. Sometimes I wonder why I bother with that too.

Anyway, I was sitting outside smoking and reading one of those mags from the grocery checkout line with tips for Valentine's Day and how to make your relationship better, when I came across the "NEW" rules for relationships.

Here's the gist of it-

Old advice- never go to bed mad
New advice- take the night to cool off

Old advice- do things as a couple -like date night
New advice- double date with another couple with similar lifestyle, kids, jobs etc. This will create a more intimate bond for you as a couple, while building a friendship with the other couple which apparently helps your realtionship.

Old Advice- Schedule "private/intimate" time
New Advice- Be spontaneous and break the rituals of a scheduled life since everything else is so scheduled.

There were some more but these are the ones that stood out to me.

Not because I have been doing them wrong, but more because I haven't been doing them.

Except the don't go to bed mad one. I hate that. So we always talk before we go to bed so we don't sulk or simmer over something that wasn't worth the effort to begin with.

And who has time to double date?
I'm lucky if we can find a time to hit a late showing of a movie once in a blue moon, let alone find a couple that can clear their schedule to fit ours so we can actually go out at a regular date time for dinner and a flick or drinks.

And Private time???
Well, we have never scheduled that. But then there isn't much time for the spontaneous happenings either. It's sort of a hit or miss to see if we are both in our room at the same time while we are both awake. That doesn't happen often, but we do try. Really, with 5 kids still living at home, it's not easy to swing but we do try.

This got me thinking that maybe I ask too much of HeMan Hubby? He works a lot and has a very demanding job. And he is a really great dad and he does little things for me all the time that I don't ask for so...

For Valentine's Day I'm going to show him I love him by not asking or expecting so much from him. And I'll let him know he doesn't have to...

Whoa! My thinking almost got too carried away!
Let's just leave it at I'll try not to ask too much of him and give him more downtime when he's home from work...

And I'll make him a nice Valetine's Day dinner.

Yeah... I can't get too carried away or he'll be suspicious and think I'm having an affair, or hiding some terrible secret, or bought a new living room set.

Can't have him thinking any of that now can we?

I wonder if he can find the time to put in some new carpet this weekend?
BEFORE the Super Bowl, of course!
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