Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frankly Scarlett...

It's Sunday.

Not that that means anything in particular, but I did get to sleep in.
I mean really sleep in. Until nearly 10am.

Not something I ever get to do and for which I am glad.

By the time I got up, showered and dressed, it seemed half the day was gone.

I am most productive in the morning hours when I am fresh from a hot shower with joints loosened and mind whirring.

Today I feel like I need to go back to bed. No energy, joints still stiff and my brain in such a fog I can't remember who won the hockey game last night...
Finland or Slovakia?

And, I woke up today itching all over.

I think I must be allergic to extra sleep.
Or the new shampoo I bought to keep my red hair from fading too fast...


Guess I'll go back to bed and pretend this day is over.
Well, until it's time to go to work tonight, that is...

Maybe tomorrow will be better... or not... either way ...

Tomorrow is Another Day!
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