Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Enough is Enough... there's no where left to put the cr.., er, fluffy white stuff!

The kids have been out of school since the Friday before last... the 5th?

They went to school that day, but got out at noon because the BLIZZARD was rolling in.

Then came the 39 inches of snow.

And 3 days later, 18 more inches fell on the already frozen, and not yet cleared, landscape.

They had no school last week because there were no roads or sidewalks or yards to walk or ride on to get to school. And no where for the buses to park, let alone drop off the kids, at the schools.

Tonight's news cast brought yet more unsettling and disturbing news.

Another storm, albeit smaller and with only an inch or 2 of snow, is hitting over night.

The kids will be home again tomorrow.

The roads are still icy. There are no visible sidewalks and many roads only have 1 lane that is remotely passable in a 4WD vehicle.

Just Great! NOT!

I have been thinking that the Board of Ed should start broadcasting daily assignments on the local TV stations.
The kids are going to be sadly behind, if they ever go back to school, as it is.

First grade could broadcast at 9am, 2nd at 9:30, 3rd at 10...
Middle and High School would have to have an hour each with website links posted for access to reading material and worksheets, etc.

As you can see, I HAVE put a lot of thought into this idea!

Isn't that what PBS is for?

Public Broadcasting Service...

I'm the public and I NEED my kids to have some homework broadcasted immediately!

Otherwise they'll be in school until JULY!

Tomorrow's news broadcast will probably announce there will be no school on Wednesday...

AND that summer vacation is cancelled...

Is it any wonder I HATE the cold and the snow and the WINTER?

Man! Just shoot me now and put me out of my misery!
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