Monday, January 11, 2010

I Love the Smell of Roses... just gotta take the time to find them!

Today was my birthday- well technically it still is, but I will be heading to bed soon so in my mind it's about over.

Anyway, I work nights so I have to catch sleep in the mornings, unless something else is going on I need to do like... go to the cancer center with a family friend for moral support.

Or go to the Motor Vehicle Administration to get my license renewed because today is the day it expires.

Or go to the bank to deposit my paycheck, where I find out the bank's computer system crashed so I have absolutely NO ACCESS to any of my money until ... well, they have no idea when.

Or go to the car wash, where I get a totally awesome FREE Car wash! The kind with the hot wax and under-carriage sealant and rust proofing stuff... which was great!

Birthday's are not something we really DO in our house. No big parties or presents. We usually make the birthday person's favorite meal and cake and have a family dinner.
Since there are so many people in our family- Me, HeMan Hubby plus 6 kids and some spouses/significant others... well I guess it is a party when the family is together!

So HeMan Hubby brought me roses- both red and orange, a red velvet cake AND a real present. Wrapped. In. Christmas paper! But it was a real gift... I got ... a sandwich maker!
I did ask for one so it's a good present, unlike the time I got the bissell green machine so I could clean the carpet spots where the dog got sick... ummm, Gee Thanks Hon! Just what I wanted, something that makes it easier for me to DO HOUSEWORK!

Today turned out to be a pretty good day. Maybe I'll do it again... next year should be soon enough.

Although I still will not be old enough to fill out the forms that I got from AARP reminding me that I NEED their insurance at THIS TIME IN MY LIFE... HELLO? I AM NOT 50... yet.

I wonder if they have been watching me and I look like I'm 50? Or there is another person out there using my name who is 50? And if there is someone using my name, are they gonna clean up my credit for me?

And one last question...

WHY are my kids making me watch The Secret Life of an American Teenager when it's my birthday?
New birthday rule... Birthday person gets to control the remote... starting as soon as I wake up!
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