Friday, January 1, 2010

Old Movies are a lot like life, the heros get maimed, mutilated or dead... but you just can't stop watching them!

I know a lot of people had friends in to celebrate the coming of the New Age-2010. Their New Year's Eve was similar to mine, with the exception that our parties actually only include me, He-Man hubby and our children. Since 3 of them, plus their significant others, chose to spend the evening out with their younger, and much hipper friends, there was only Tween-Boy, Tween-Girl and Teen-Boy to ring in the New Year with us. A couple of movies- the animated kind- and some virgin margaritas and a ton of steamed shrimp later... well my 12:05 date with my pillow couldn't come fast enough!

I actually stayed up past my bedtime watching 'Anther Thin Man' on TCM, with Myrna Loy and William Powell. Unfortunately, my evening ended before the next Thin Man movie, "Shadow of the Thin Man' came on at 2am. For those wondering, I absolutely LOVE the Thin Man movies, and just about any other 1930/1940 era black and white. The clothes, the stars, the manners and implied sex, blood and dasterdly doings... That's what ART is about. Giving you enough info to stimulate your imagination to run wild! And believe me, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, James Cagny, Mickey Rooney... they all brought so much CHARACTER to their characters without all the special effects to ruin it.

So my new year begins with me blogging, while watching 'The Stratton Story',
and old Jimmy Stewart movie about baseball player Monty Stratton, while eating a cinnamon bun and drinking coffee. I have heard that what you do on New Year's Day sets the tone for the coming year. Yes, this is how I will be spending this one, pretty much, anyway. I will have to fit the occasional shift at work in, and some house hold chores like laundry and cooking, and probably some time with the kids over homework or at one of their extra-curricular activities... but otherwise this is as good as it gets.

I know some might say I need to aim higher, but I have decided to join the rest of the country and down-size and stream-line my life. So sitting on my sofa, laptop in hand, watching a black and white movie, drinking coffee is what I'll be doing this year.

Figure it will save a ton on gas and spending money since I won't be engaging in RETAIL THERAPY.
And who knows, maybe I will become famous and develop a cult following, like The Bloggess. Or maybe I will finish the book I started and get it published, or maybe I will just gain about a thousand pounds and lose touch with reality. But I will be happy while I do, and that after all, is what REALLY counts, isn't it?

To Everyone Everywhere...a very HAPPY New Year!
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