Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just when you think your kids don't need you, they do! (Just don't tell THEM!)

It's another Saturday Night and I ain't got nobody... Ain't got no money and I just got paid...

I know that is the line in a song, but I just can't remember what the song is... go figure!

Well, it IS Saturday night and here I sit watching a Hallmark movie ( so far no one has died, oops! Never mind Martin somebody-or-other just did).
Anyway, sitting here watching a movie,the adult-like kids are out with friends, the tweens just went to bed and HeMan Hubby went to bed over an hour ago feeling pretty lousy.

So it's just me and the TV and the laptop sitting here enjoying some peace and quiet, and I got to thinking that it's almost too quiet.

I know, I know... Too Quiet? Whoever heard of such a thing? Surely not I. But in reality my kids are all somewhere between AdultLike and TweenYears, with friends and lives that do not always include parents. This got me to thinking that in the very near future an evening of TV and the laptop without bickering kids, barking dog and footsteps trumping up and down the stairs, followed by doors closed just a tad too loudly... well, soon those won't be a part of my daily life at all.

As much as I THINK I HATE the noise and complaining and even the times when the kids prefer Dad to Mom, not having those loud, boisterous and often hormonal people running wild though the house would be worse than anything I can imagine.

When I think of the future, when they are all off living their own lives, I think of holidays and birthdays spent here at home, but maybe they won't be here. Maybe they will have their own traditions and special things they do at their homes. Maybe they won't come around to see Mom and Dad like I think they will, or rather, like I want them to.

Maybe they will have full-filled lives with children and spouses who love them and take care of them. Maybe they will be upright productive members of society that will make me proud every day just by being who they are.

And maybe, just maybe, they will be living in my basement with their 4 kids and spouse, eating my food and using up all of my hot water, making lots of noise, breaking my dishes and using my vehicles to get to the unemployment office to pick up their checks...

Okay, maybe I need to soak up this quiet Saturday night with my TV movie and my laptop, because this memory just might come in handy when all those extra people are mooching off me and making my life a living hell...

Oh! The Joys of Being a Parent... I wonder if those positive life subliminal message tapes would work if I started piping them through the ductwork???

Hmmmmm, Maybe!
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