Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Frumpy, Not Photogenic! The pictures say it all... and then some

I need a make over.
Not Want.

I live in sweats and cotton T's.
I love feeling comfortable and cozy on a cold winter day.
And, they hide a multitude of sins. Meaning the dimply thighs, love handles and flabby arms.

In my mind's eye I have a muscular athletic build.
Then I walk by a mirror, or see a photo taken without my permission (something that is expressly forbidden) and I think,' Who the Hell is that?'
And always it's when I THOUGHT I was looking pretty good.

NOPE! apparently I thought WRONG!


BTW- that's me in the orange top... awful. I. Know.

My sister once told me I always had such a great wardrobe, when I was thinner.
And she's right.

How do I know?

I still have those clothes hanging in my closet.
And they are exactly the way I see myself dressing.
(see the younger, thinner, hipper me in this pic?)

Except for this one little thing.
They're several sizes too small. And outdated. And most likley dry-rotted.

Bad hair, raggedy clothes, umpty-umm many pounds too many on the scale...


I NEED a makeover, BAD!

Stacey. Clinton. Jenny Craig? Anybody?

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