Saturday, January 23, 2010

I used to try really hard to be like Martha Stewart... then she went to jail

Simple Pleasures.... sounds like an adult toy store according to my husband.

To me it sounds like the little things that make life worth while.

Like being the only one up, early on a Saturday morning, to watch the sun rise in the cold, misty air.

Like having your son give you a hug goodnight, just because he felt like it.

Like the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting into your bedroom just as you are waking.
(that one is an almost never for me, but sometimes, like when the sky is falling or an apocolypse is imminent, HeMan Hubby makes coffee for me)

Like the kids cleaning the bathroom when they are finished brushing their teeth (ok first they have to ACTUALLY brush their teeth but you get the gist)

Like the laundry finding it's way into the proper dressers and closets without intervention from me (again that almost never ever happens, but on the Once-In-a-Blue-Moon that it does... It's wonderful!)

Like having a family that loves one another and let's it show.... you know like when they play poker and only throw the pennies at each other because the quarters hurt too much. Or when they only swat each other on the back of the head when they REALLY mean it...

Those are some of my Simple Pleasures...

I'm not sure Martha Stewart would agree with me...

But as her Simple Pleasure is that she gets to wake everyday in her own home, instead of a jail cell...
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