Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Am Not Confused! I just don't remember it exactly the same way every one else does...right?


What does this sound like to YOU?

I'm coming To America Mega Disasters All You Can Eat Paradise

or this one?

Jagged Edge Top 20 Swingers

Watching the scrolling TV guide on cable is really really hard. You have to read the name of the show in the tiny slot, then the next and the next. All while trying to remember the name of the show, the time and the channel... so what you remember is something like this:

The Bad Girls Follow that Food Chill Out
Handy Manny Mike and Mike After Dark

No wonder I can never remember what is on or what I wanted to actually watch!

AND, now I think I might be hungry. I wonder what Bad Girls eat in Paradise?
Or a little bit in the MOOD... Handy Manny After Dark?

Is it a food show or smut or a B-horror flick? Or, is it something else entirely?

I'm afraid to actually change the channel.

I might miss some really important news. Cuz I'm pretty sure what I am seeing here is some sort of code. For what ? I have no friggin clue, but I won't find out if I change the channel so ...

Beverly Hillbillies Local Guide; Most Extreme Mr. Woodcock...

I will keep watching, and waiting because I KNOW the seemingly random programming is not what it seems... people who plan these things go to a lot of trouble to make it LOOK random and MAN! are they good, or what?

Conspiracy? Could be... Secret Messages to someone, somewhere...HMMMMM?

Unless I am totally off base and have been reading too many Who-Dunnit stories, watching too many episodes of Law & Order (but there are like, 100 versions on every channel known to man, so that is not my fault. That too is a conspiracy to make us all learn about lawyers and crooks so when we get arrested we know the rules)... sorry, tangent moment.

But you have to admit, reading the TV Guide scrolling list certainly can be entertaining... and confusing...

Now what channel was that Naked NASCAR Birthday special on?
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