Saturday, January 2, 2010

Health, Wealth and the Pursuit of...

In a moment of nostalgia (also called brain freeze or early onset alzheimer's) I read through my blog posts- from the beginning to now.

And I have to admit that I have absolutely NO MEMORY of writing half of them. If not that they are about my family, and in my writing style, I would swear I had never seen or read them before today.

It was because of the SITS site Sharefest Saturday... you go thru and find your favorite post and share the link on The Secret is in the Sauce.
I actually found several that I like now that I have gone back... Feng-Shui Me is a pretty good one... that I almost remember writing!

What does that tell me... well, for one thing it tells me that I need to read my previous posts more often so they at least seem familiar.

For another, it tells me that I have not had a very good track record with taking time for myself to blog and look at my life and actually ENJOY my life.

Why do I say this?

Because I started Blogging in 2007! I mean, that was 3 years ago! I had NO IDEA I had been attempting to do this soul-searching, journalling crap for this long.

Maybe that's because I did not make myself a priority before this year. Maybe it is the very fact that I have been blogging for this long without realizing so much time was slipping by between posts that I have been able to find my voice now.

If I had not had the experiences in Life an Love that came before now, then I could not be who and what I am now... makes sense that my writing voice would not be the one I now have without my earlier attempts.

So- if you have gotten this far in this post, and you don't have anything else to do for the next, oh say, 5 minutes, take a look at some of my beginning posts. You may be entertained, or just plain scared ... either way, it is a response and that is what a writer wants... the reader to feel something.

I see some growth as a person in my posts, and I see where I have become more like myself in my writing... and in my life. Expressing my feelings, thoughts and random craziness by blogging has made me more comfortable with being myself...with coming out of my shell in the real world as well.

So WATCH OUT WORLD... one of these days I am gonna let myself go and WOW... that is gonna be one really Wild day!

Well, as long as someone makes sure I don't get arrested or anything ... then it could be a really BAD one...
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