Friday, August 28, 2009


School started this week. Not for me, the kids... Hallelujah!!! I'm up at 6am, put on coffee, make the lunches, make the breakfast, check for proper attire-- no boxers showing above the waistband and NO bellybuttons below the hem cuz yeah, I am a control freak. They get herded out the door by 7:10am and I get to sit back and relax. Isn't school just wonderful?

But wait... I get up at 6am and make breakfast and lunch for ungrateful pubescent smart mouths with funny clothes and funnier hair? Then they get to hang out with friends and learn fun stuff like mummies were embalmed with wax and puffadder poison and that Pi is not really PIE.... who knew?

And I get to get up at 6am to make them breakfast and lunch, then I get to clean up after them...

Oh, but I get to drink coffee on the front porch while watching the birds and the butterflies...
well, until it gets cold out, then I will be in the house cleaning up after them, scrubbing the floors- I love it when they can dry without foot prints, don't you?

Oh crap... once again, the grown-ups get the raw deal. We get to get up early and spend the day playing maid or heading off to work where we will, no doubt, get stuck in grid-lock or have to listen to the not-so-brilliant ramblings of a co-worker with a God-complex.

Yay!,school started this week... only 176 days to go til I can sleep in...
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