Monday, February 16, 2009

Creative Block... ( or Pointless Rambling)

So many people think they are not creative, or that they are only a little crafty at most. But what is creative anyway?
There are writers and painters and sculptors and fashionistas that are not only creative, but crafty- and not in the devoous way either! LOL!
Ok- so you expect those types of people to be able to look as an object and see multiple uses for it that were never seen by anyone else... I mean how else could juice pouches get turned into tote bags or beer cans become sun hats???
If necessity is the mother of invention, then what is the motivator behind creativity? Is it just the need to express one's self, or the need to find a way to recyle and reuse our resources, or perhaps it is just the need to DO something with our spare or down time?
Not sure, but I tend to think it is a little of each. That then makes me wonder what causes one to have a creative block. For me it usually comes with a feeling of nothing. I look at yarn or fabric or beads and see only the element in my hands. Not the gorgeous purse the yarn could become, or the wonderfully fun scarf of beautiful lush fabrics or the simply stunning radiance of the jewelry waiting to be made from the the beads. With that feeling also comes a restlessness I cannot describe. It is like there is something missing and I HAVE to find it.
I wonder if this is what writers experience with writer's block? If so no wonder they become depressed or bereft. To me it is almost like a void has formed somewhere deep inside and I know that something should be there, but just cannot find the right piece that fits.
Then again, maybe creative block is really just the term used by those of us who are just too darn lazy to go digging thru our stash, which means we first have to clean up the room to get to it, but only after we clean out the WIP basket to make room for more WIPs, but only after we finish the laundry and the dishes and get dinner on the stove so we have some time to go thru the stash, right after ... you get the point.
Creative Block??? I think not... more like a preemptive strike to prevent us from exhaustion and frustration when after a busy day we look around and cannot find a single completed task... only the remains of multiple tasks begun anxiously awaiting tomorrow and the hope that they will be completed then... but of course we all know... Tomorrow Never Comes!