Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well that about sums up our family this time of year.

We have finished with the girls soccer schedule and the regular football season has come to a close, leaving us with 2 teams in the Championship play-offs.

So a week of practice in the freezing, cold, dark rain and we come to another Lovely and Warm Saturday filled with anticipation and promise... and parents with stomachs in knots worrying about how the kids will take it if they lose.

First game for us for the day was against a South County team about 45 minutes away. So into the van and away we go with every one dressed in team colors or uniforms as once game ONE is done we must away to Game TWO which is a home game ( thank goodness!).

To be on time for Game One we must report to the coach at 10:45am to check -in and be eligible to play. Done! Now to watch the game before ours while our team warms up and goes over some of the finer points of strategy for today's match-up. Did I mention this is a team of 90 pound boys ages 9 & 10? I know you would have thought it was high school with the serious-ness of it all...

Then we're off to a rousing start with a touchdown with the very first play of the game... but they come back with one of their own a few minutes later... and thus it goes until the score is 13-20 ...and then it's over...but not for our team . We will be going to the next play off round game!

Game One ends and we have to herd the 3 kids and all the gear into the van and away we go to the other end of the county ( to our home field) to be on time for check in and warm ups for Game Two.

Finally! Game Two starts and we come out like gang busters... but we do not win... in fact we lose by only 4 points in the last few minutes of the game... very heartbreaking for 12 year old boys who thought that THIS was the year to make it to championships...

The season IS NOT OVER for this down trodden team ( with a season record of 7 wins 2 losses)! Oh no... they are going to the State play-offs ... a loss is a loss but FOOTBALL IS NOT DONE FOR THEM ... They are now happy and walking to their cars with small frowns instead of large tears on their faces... and all is right with the world because they WILL have practice this coming week and they WILL get another chance to make it to the SuperBowl of rec football....

And I WILL get to stand in the cold and rain for at least 3 more weeks cheering myself hoarse and getting frost bitten fingers and numb toes!!!
Once again, All is Right with the World.

Ahhh Saturday football games in the rec leaque Post -season... and then comes NFL on sunday! Aren't weekends just perfect this time of year???

Did I mention we are Football Crazy at our house ??? :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just a little note...

Hello and Happy Monday all!

How many of you have seen these innocuous looking missive? They all seem to start with 'Just a little note' or something along those lines and then WHAM! You are still reading the "Little Note" 20 minutes later?
Well-- this really is a little note. I have been missing my crafting time like crazy. With the advent of the new school year, one daughter's new marriage and another's new job and subsequent move out of the country I have been reeling for the past 2 months.
So today I am taking a few minutes of quiet time to write down how I feel about all the changes that have come to my family this year.... YIPPEEE!!!
Ok- got that out of my system and hopefully tomorrow I will find some time to start on some new craft ideas that have been brewing for a few weeks now....
I'll let you all know how that works out...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where Have All the Children Gone...

Yeppers, I am thrilled to be able to wash dishes or clean the floors without any dirty dishes or footprints appearing before they have time to dry!

I LOVE having the kids home for the summer, but I REALLY LOVE when they go back to school!

Not only because it gets the kids out of the house, but because it means that the weather will be warm and sunny during the day and cooling a bit at night, the last of the summer flowers will bloom while the chrysanthemums of Fall will start to bud out, and the buzz of bees will soon be a thing of the past as the chill weather sends them to where ever it is they winter over.

This time of year brings Football and Soccer practices every night of the week with games Friday, Saturday and Sundays! It also brings us back to our sports family... those people we spend time with while the kids are practicing, those we share Concession Stand duty with, make banners and posters with, hang out and cheer our teams to Victory with...
yes, they are a family and for nearly 6 months every year we spend our evenings and weekends with them. It's a darn good thing we like them!

This year has brought some changes to our lives... we have 2 kids in middle school this year, leaving only one in the 5th grade in elementary school. Our oldest son is still in college, Yeah!
And while our oldest daughter got married in August and is starting a new life with her husband, our 2nd daughter left for a year abroad to teach.

Never have we had an empty bedroom in our house, and now we have 2... well one is now Dear Husband's office, but it is an empty bedroom!

I am still relegated to the Laundry Room as my Craft Room/Office and have plans to rearrange and redecorate it in the coming months.

I will try to post more often on the projects and new jewelry and handbags and purses I am designing... and on the kids and how we are all coming along thru the year...

Thanks for stopping by and come back again soon!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Hello All!

It has been quite a while since my last blog post but I plan to remedy that.

I have been very busy designing lots of really cool earrings that have been very popular for the Christmas season. That is very exciting for me.

Just take a look and you can see just how versatile these lovely creations really are!

I've also been working on getting more traffic to my Online Catalog Store this year... my goal is be my own financially stable business by the end of the 1st quarter!
Go Me!

Ok-- New designs...

Crochet: The Rasta Scarf...Yep... Matthew requested a Rastafarian inspired scarf so I designed one and he loves it... making scarf number 2 for his friend now...

Free Pattern:
Level: Super Easy
Worsted Weight yarn- 1 skein each
black, red, yellow, green
I used Red Heart Super Saver and it worked up perfectly
Size I crochet hook

Using Black chain 50
Row1: Hdc in 3rd st from hook and in each st to the end, chain 2 and turn
Row2: Hdc in next st and in each across to end, chain 2 and turn
Row3: continue as Row2 until color block is 12 inches long ( Pattern Stitch)
When Black color block is 12 inches long change to Red yarn
Once that color block is 12 inches long change to Yellow until 12 inches long then change to green and once it is 12 inches long change back to black until 12 inches long.
Once final row is completed add one row of sc then secure and weave tails at beginning and end.
You scarf is complete and will measure about 5 ft in length which should be long enough to wear comfortably around anyone's neck.