Friday, April 27, 2007

Imagination Working Over Time!

Hello All!

After so many days away from blogging, it seems that I have finally found a schedule that allows me to blog a more frequently!

I just wanted to post a picture on my newest DHDesign Original piece, The Mini-Rosary Bracelet.

I have been crocheting Rosaries for a few weeks now using beautiful thread and gemstones becuase I think they are just lovely and they make me feel good when I am working on them. While working on one this past week I thought, "Wouldn't be great if you could wear one like jewelry?" and Voila I struck on the idea of a Rosary Bracelet. The one pictured is made of the 1st 2 sets of beads from a traditional Rosary starting at the Cross and going thru the 2nd Decade.To use it to say your rosary you just keep turning it around your wrist as you touch each bead. An easy way to keep your Faith at hand and in your heart.

I have Full Rosary Bracelets that are a Rosary that wraps about 5 times up the arm of the wearer and is quite stunning as well.

I love to work with beads! Making jewelry has grown out of the enjoyment I found when crocheting with beads. I have made Victorian Wristlets like the one shown here ( The Kristina) for Weddings, First Communions, and a Special Pink Ribbon set of wristlets for an International Order of Rainbow for Girls ( a youth organization sponsored by the Mason's for girls aged 11-21) Installation of Officers for my daughter whose Charitable Organization was Breast Cancer Research. During her term in the head position they were able to raise funds and volunteer time to help with local and national research efforts.
My newest undertaking is making Silver charms and pendants of my own design for my jewelry.
It is not easy, but it certainly is fulfilling! I am currently working on a line of Lupus Awareness jewelry- my LA line of products that incluse jewelry, Rosaries, tote bags and even some clothing and accessories if I can keep my memory and my hands on task!
Please be sure to check my website: often to see where my Imagination is taking me!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007



Source: Lupus Foundation of America, Inc., Lupus Fact SheetProvided by the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.

Some of you know that I was diagnosed with Lupus just over a year ago. Of course the disease was around long before that , and I like many others, went through a series of frustratingly disappointing tests and dialogs with Doctors over many years along the way to accurate diagnosis.
I try not to talk about my illness with people in general... only those who have it, or an equally debilitating problem, that can relate to how I feel and what I go through daily trying to Live with Lupus.
But I decided to change my focus and see where it leads me... thus far I think it is leading me in a positive direction that I think will help me to help others.

What is Lupus?

Well, that is a loaded question so I will give the easy to understand version, but you must bear in mind that it is much bigger and more vastly affecting than I can even begin to describe here on my simple blog pages.

Lupus is an AutoImmune illness.
Simply put it means that my immune system is attacking and destroying the cells of my body like they would a germ or bacteria that cause the flu or a cold. For whatever reason, my immune system has become the Super Hero-SUPER IMMUNE SYSTEM ! It takes on all cells- friend and foe alike- without discrimination. Ok, anti-discrimination is great when you are talking about equal housing opportunities, job candidates, college scholarships... but when we are talking about the building blocks of every being, it is not such a good thing to have a Super Hero on your side!
SUPER IMMUNE SYSTEM causes inflammation and swelling in the soft tissues and connective tissues within the body; like the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver. It cause joint pain and swelling, which lead to arthritic-like pain and often the inability to sit , stand or walk for significant periods of time. It causes pain for no apparent reason that is random and unpredictable, that comes and goes without any warning, and can leave a person writhing in pain and exhausted beyond belief.
Our Super Hero can also attack the Central Nervous System ( CNS) by causing swelling and cellular changes in the brain. These symptoms may come and go without rhyme or reason with increasing severity along the way. Forgetfulness, confusion, severe headaches, vision disturbances, loss of coordination and notable difficulty making your body do what you ask it to do, like lift a leg to go up a step, become more frequent as time goes by.
Chronic Fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia... these are all familiar symptoms known to those of us LIVING with LUPUS and our friends and families.

The Bad News is ...
There is NO CURE for this illness or those related to it like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Scleraderma and the many, many more that I cannot possibly list here.

The GOOD NEWS is...
Research is being done to develop new medications and treatment programs to make increasing the QUALITY OF LIFE for those LIVING with LUPUS an attainable and long term goal.

How can I make Others Aware of LUPUS?
This is the question I asked myself.

The Answers I gave myself are these...

Tell SOMEONE about LUPUS and Show Support for Lupus Research...

To that end I am writing this blog entry and I am creating a line of LUPUS AWARENESS jewelry and accessories that will be available at


A portion of the purchase price for all the LA products will be donated to the LUPUS Foundation of America to help fund Lupus research.

Please help me to help others by purchasing your Lupus Awareness items at


World Lupus Day - May 10, 2007
World Lupus Day provides both a day and a forum for various findings to be shared with the global lupus community. In addition, observing World Lupus Day offers lupus patients the comfort of knowing their condition is recognized and being addressed on a global level.

It doesn't have to be October to help spread the word about lupus.If you want to know more about lupus, contact The Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Holy Cow! Where Has the Time Gone???

Well, It is official... April has arrived and is nearly half over and I am still wondering where March went!!!
I realize the last post I made was a month ago and I am really still trying figure out how that happened since it feels like it was just the other day...
Maybe I AM losing my mind??? Nahhhh...:)

I have some new listing up on eBay :


This is my first attempt at selling on eBay so .... I hope it works!

I have also been busy getting more items posted to my store site at :

Feel free to browse and let me know what you think... All thoughts are appreciated!

Well--- time to get the kids dinner and then off to soccer and baseball practices...

I promise to get a new pattern posted soon!!!!